The Directorate General of Oil and Natural Gas Business Development holds the duty to formulate the business improvement, arrangement, and development policy of oil and natural gas business activity.
In performing the duties described in Article 153, the Directorate of Oil and Gas Oil and Gas Business Development performs the functions of:
a. Formulating Oil and natural gas business service guidelines and procedures
b. Formulating Stream business supervision arrangement and development
c.. Preparing the first field development approval recommendation, contractor work plan Cooperation Contract (KKS), Cooperation Contract renewal, and data management.
d. Preparing general survey of open area and active work field permission recommendation;
e. Managing work field and preparation and evaluation of work field bid documents;
f.  Preparing the decision of work field bid awardees
g. Facilitating stream business dispute settlement
h. Managing reports of Oil and Gas Business Activity Implementation Agency (BP Migas)
i. Giving penalty consideration of stream business violation
j.  Preparing the allocation determination and stream business gas price
k. Developing Functional Group Directorate
l. Evaluation of business actvity improvement, arrangement, and development of oil and natural gas activity.

Oil and Natural Gas Business Development Directorate comprise of:
A. Work Field Subdirectorate
B. Oil and Natural Gas Exploration Subdirectorate
C. Stream Business Evaluation Development Subdirectorate
D. Oil and Natural Gas Exploitation Subdirectorate
E. Natural Gas Utilization Subdirectorate
F. Functional Group


Organization Structure